Where Two Will Gather really started four years ago in a cold kitchen at 2 am.  I sat there lonely, bored, and depressed.  I was in the throes of a deep depression destined to last several months and, with nothing else to do (and getting really bored of being bored), I picked up a pen and said,

"I'm going to make a comic." 

So I did. 

I created a comic book of a lost child in the woods.  A story of monsters and fear and loneliness and characters who fought for a better future.

While the comic alone did not bring by depression to an end, it was such an important part of my journey to healing.  I thank God for His mercy in sending me art at a moment where words didn't make sense. 

Now, four years later, I wanted to pay His kindness forward and help others through the therapeutic benefits of art and storytelling by developing something I wish existed while I sat in that empty kitchen so many years ago:

An emotional awareness design-it-yourself coloring book and journal that acts as a stepping stone in your journey towards healing, recovery, and change.

And so, Where Two Will Gather was born.

We all have battles to fight.  Against hopelessness, against despair, against the kind of sorrow and hurt that would surely break fragile hearts in half.  

I pray your time here will remind you: 

You're not alone.  None of us are.  Keep going, friend.  Keep going. 



Owner and Artist