How to worry 50% less and focus on what matters in 2 steps

It’s scary how easy it is to spend our lives worrying.  And, even when the worst comes to pass, I’m reminded of a quote by some wise mind:

“All worrying will do is make you live the same misery twice.”

Once while you were waiting for disaster to strike, then again if it does.  

Which brings us to the question: Why do we worry so much about everything? 

One of the main causes for unsolicited worry is this:

When we don’t decide what core parts of life are actually important to us, we worry about everything.  And when nothing is important, everything is important.    

So how do we get out of the dizzying washing machine cycle of needless angst?

Step 1.  Make a list of 3 things in your life that reflect your core values.  What’s most important.

Step 2: Then. anytime you are tempted to worry, about anything, check whatever it is against your list.  If it doesn’t affect any of those three, it’s not worth dwelling on.  

For me, that looks like this: 

Step 1: 

                My top 3 things 

  1. My relationship with God
  2. My peace and happiness
  3. My ability to use my gifts to serve others

Step 2: 

Now that I have the three core parts of my life in mind, I can examine any potential stressor and decide if it’s something that negatively impacts or hinders any of these three.  If it is, I need to do something and use the energy I would spend worrying on making positive change. If it isn’t, I just don’t pay it any attention.

Example: Say I’m not making progress on a project.  It’s starting to stress me out. What if I can’t finish in time?  What if something else slows me down?

In this case, worrying is affecting #1: my relationship with God.  It’s affecting it because my worry is making it so that I don’t trust that God has got me covered, whether I finish my project in time or not.  So instead of worrying I can take a step back.  

I remind myself that in the grand scheme of life, heck, in a week even, this project isn’t going to matter.  So, I decide to put it in prayer and then just keep going (If you want to learn more about how not to overthink things, check out my article on overthinking, here!) letting go and letting things unfold however because, as I’ve already decided how to hande the situation and can move on with my life. 

With this framework you get two life hacks:

  • Getting to decide what really matters and spending your energy on what really counts.

  • You’re set free from all the other background noise of other people’s expectations, values, and insecurities from becoming your own.  You’re free from the insignificant chatter of the world. 

  •  So decide for yourself what really matters and let go of all that white noise clouding your heart and mind.  You’ll have more energy for the things that deserve your time and you’ll be happier, too!



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