Do this when you feel like GIVING UP


There is beauty in the mess of our lives. 



Back in January when I was envisioning and designing the templates for the personalized emotional journey coloring book I'd often lean back in my chair and scan the barrage of words and scribbles I had written on dozens of sheets of paper.  These included to-do's, reminders, weekly schedules, ideas to sift through, rough drafts, and so on.

Staring quietly at the seemingly endless pile of tasks on my table (and walls), a thought occurred. 

Uh-oh.  How am I gonna pull this all together?  Is it even going to work?? 

Culminating with:

Maybe I'm the wrong person for the job.

The idea of failing before we truly begin marks the death of many an honest, inspiring, life-altering project that fades into darkness, never to evolve beyond an idea.  We end up hyper-focused, obsessed, even, with what the thing will look like in the end.  

And, unable to see the final product because we have only just begun, the flame of desire and passion begins to flicker.  Most tragically, it can go out, never to be re lit.  

We forget that the process of getting to the end is a journey. 

That any undertaking, like us, is a work in progress. 

Every day is a fleeting and equally eternal. 

When we commit ourselves to living a life that uses God-given gifts to share truth, create beauty, encourage, comfort, suddenly, the question of how becomes a matter of when.

The idea that we are not fit for the task at hand becomes obvious and is replaced with the fact that all of us are not prepared, intelligent, talented, or capable enough.  If we were, we wouldn't need courage to continue.

Our lack of ability doesn't matter. Our faith does.

Faith in the work we have committed to God.

Faith that it's a matter of time until the harvest. 

Faith that the seeds of ideas tended with consistent effort and the rains of God's promise will yield fruit. 

Faith that the mess will not remain a mess forever.

Faith enough to continue.

"And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns." Philippians 1:6

Love the mess. 
It's the fertile ground for your faith to grow. 
The garden to nurture the gifts God gave you that fulfill you and serve others well. 

Keep going, friend. 

Keep going.  


Yours faithfully,


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